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Backed by targeted research, we devise purposeful commercial strategies that grow our Client’s business and optimise operational costs. We provide concrete guidance for management and the front line.

The merits of the underlying data heavily influences the downstream success of any strategy from which it derives. Owing to the variability amongst available data sets found in India, we draw upon diverse primary and secondary sources of information and use cross validation methods enabling our Client’s to make accurate, informed and calculated decisions.

In all our reports, we emphasize quality and pertinence over quantity and redundancy. Clearly defining the objective and available resources by asking the right questions, we ensure utility for the delivered data.

Our Research Services specialise in providing in depth analysis of:

– Customer / Market Segments

– Value Chain

– Competition

– Project Feasibility

From the comprehensive analysis that we undertake and sensitive to the unique complexities of the Indian markets, we strive to provide simple and actionable go to market / growth strategies, as opposed to avoidable and complex “paper” solutions. All done without a shred of compromise on efficacy, irrespective of how aggressive the objectives are.

Our aim is to draw a strategic canvas that is reflective of the Client’s specific needs and resources, so that it may be sustained and scaled accordingly.

The main deliverables from our Business Strategy vertical are:

Business Model Structuring

– Value Proposition, Customer Segments, Channels

– Activities, Resources, Key Partnerships

– Revenue and Costing Models

Commercial Strategy

– Market and Customer Strategy

– Product / Market Positioning

– Marketing, Sales & Distribution Plan

– Restructuring, Growth & Diversification

Financial Planning

– Forecasting

– Budgeting / Pro Forma Financials

Case Study

Client: One of the top 10 Global diagnostic equipment manufacturer

Project Background

A leading manufacturer of diagnostic equipment had been operating in India for years. They wanted to assess their commercial structure, evaluate restructuring opportunities and identify growth areas. The Company’s sales presence was almost entirely being managed by Dealers across India with exclusivity in their respective territory.

VPC approach and solution

“VPC undertook a detailed internal analysis by bench-marking the Company’s product portfolio with competitive data, analysing dealer management systems and sales engineers’ level of competence. Externally, a detailed analysis was undertaken on market data and the Company’s brand position which included discussions with over 50 leading sector figures and relevant stakeholders. The results identified opportunities in sections of the market that were not being addressed either because of weak dealer reach and/or lack of promotional breadth across the company’s entire product portfolio. It was unearthed that the dealer network was primarily competent in, and hence in turn capable of selling, only medium to low value fast moving products from the company’s product portfolio.

VPC decided to define two separate cluster of products whereby higher end technological products would be managed via a direct sales structure of the company, and the dealer network reinvigorated with a more focused product portfolio to focus on. This gave clear demarcation between the clusters that required independent go to market approaches. We also instilled a dealer management process encompassing recurring dealer capacity building exercises, reporting systems, semi annual budgeting exercise to improve inventory management and ensure that mitigation systems may be put in place in case of budget shortfall.”

Impact and Results

The Company more than doubled its sales in the higher end product segments a year after our strategy was put in place. Margins were always drastically improved thanks to the direct selling approach. New dealers were also put in place to better cover the entireness of the market resulting in better after sales services which in turn seeded higher sales.

Client: Leading European supplier of earth moving equipment

Project Background

A leading European manufacturer and supplier of earth moving equipment had been present in the Indian market via a local subsidiary and a dealer network with exclusive rights to their respective territories. The Company approached VPC with its desire to better understand the market potential and key improvement areas within their commercial network.

VPC approach and solution

VPC produced a detailed market analysis to identify and a zero base strategy configuration for its commercial structure. In doing so, it was seen that one particular dealer was covering in an exclusive manner some territories where it did not have direct coverage, thus relying on sub-distributors. A system that diluted the technical competency, communication channel, and after sales service quality. It was also unearthed, via primary research, that the market was not aware of the company’s product features as it was a new solution for the sector of interest. We hence suggested a complete restructuring of their existing dealer network, and a series of promotional, product educational efforts to increase awareness, curiosity and demand in the market.

Impact and Results

The Company went from having 2 dealers covering the territory to 9 dealers that have given the Company a more capillary reach into the market. The Company’s turnover was increased by more than 300% in the first full year after VPC’s strategy was put in place.

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