Company Overview

Value Prism Consulting is a management consulting firm specialised in enhancing its Client’s business interests towards and from the Indian market.

Guided by an unwavering commitment of delivering high-impact tangible results to the Client, we have a dedicated Team of Italian and Indian professionals working from our offices in Mumbai and Milano.

Traceable to a proven track record, our Founding Partners have been working together in providing business advisory services across sectors of the Indian markets for more than a decade.

These experiences have enabled us to build a reciprocal trust with an important nest of complementing partners, leading industry sources and institutional networks.

Business Strategy – Digging beyond the surface of static market data, our analysis spotlights underlying trends and competitive scenarios that enable us to create sustainable market entry and growth strategies.

Partnerships – We recognise the high degree of fragmentation and large size of the Indian market. Owing to this, we give great importance to the need of nurturing commercial, industrial and technological partnerships at the ground level.

Temporary Management – We provide management services that leverage our deep expertise of India to enable our Client’s businesses to hit the ground running. In parallel, we enable our Client to better absorb the market’s complex learning curve and reach a scale whereby further investments can be self sustained.

Because specialisation has been at the core of economic progress since the beginnings of the industrialisation process. Our Client’s know their business and define their international objectives. We know strategy creation, implementation and India.

Our Approach

Through careful internal assessment we objectively capture the individual Clients’ capacity, potential and needs, evading superfluous and generic deliverables, to conceive focalized solutions that can be translated into action.

On the back of exhaustive research and rigorous analysis, we have an unwavering belief in the efficiency of lean and well defined strategic blueprints. We strive to hone in on clear, practical, result oriented advice.

VPC maintains a flexible attitude towards its scope of work. This enables us to absorb the sometimes unforeseeable dynamics of a fast developing market without disrupting the engagement’s progress.

As a partner to our Client’s growth, our incentives are aligned with their objectives.

Core Values

Accountability and measurability in everything that we do, from the way we structure our engagements to the internal processes that guide our activities. We recognize that a consultant’s worth depends exclusively on the value addition that the Client inherits from the services provided.

Mindful of also representing our Client’s values and image, we uphold the highest level of professionalism in all forums.

Integrity is rooted in all that we do. Confident of our capabilities, yet aware of our limitations, we present our qualifications candidly. Our belief is that inconvenient truth bares less pain than disappointment. Considering our Client’s resources as our own, we maintain objectivity in all that we do, unbiased to our Company’s interests.

We have our own offices in Milano and Mumbai.

Value Prism Consulting
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